My name is Borja Garcia de Vinuesa Ordovás.

1985 Born.

at 12 had my first drumkit (thanks mom).

at 15 spent one year in Boston, Massachussets. Got obsessed with music. Metal and Hardcore.

at 18 graduated from highschool. Started school (Telecom Engineering).

at 20 I droped-off from school and tried to become an actor. Got some secundary roles. I continued with my music too.

at 23, while acting, I worked in the film industry. Work was sometimes too boring. I needed brain food. I decided to go back to school and finish.

at 27 graduated from school while working in a telecom company as a VoIP engineer.

at 29 decided to follow my entrepreneurial side. 3-month bootcamp with Rails at Ironhack (second cohort at Ironhack). Gemssy Technologies is born ( /

at 34 left the company. Took some time off.

2024 I'm 39 now.

Freelancing since then while doing projects on the side. Now and Address Matrix Distance